County Leadership


County Chair: John Austin

10300 Heritage Blvd, Suite 240
San Antonio, Texas 78216

Vice Chair: Charlotte Williamson Eisenhauer –
Secretary: Marilyn Jowdy –
Treasurer: Lille Gough –
Legal Counsel: Francisco R. Canseco –
Parliamentarian: Curt Nelson

Management Committee County Commissioner Precinct Representatives

Precinct 1: Gina Castaneda (PC 1051)
Precinct 1: Cory Couture (PC 1040)
Precinct 2: Cyndi Dóminguez (PC 2073)
Precinct 2: Chris Pugh (PC 2066)
Precinct 3: Brenda Slatton (PC 3108)
Precinct 3: Steven Jordan (PC 3105)
Precinct 4: Yvonne Clouser (PC 4057)
Precinct 4: Warrington Lee Austermann (PC 4198)

Standing Committee Chairs

Finance: Kris Coons (PC 3030)
Campaign Activities:
Candidate Recruitment and Appointments: Todd
Budget: Lille Gough (Treasurer)
Volunteer Coordination: Yvonne Clouser (PC 4057)
Precinct Organization: 
Communications: Deana Abiassi (PC 3125)
Technology: Steven Jordan (PC 3105) –
Data Analytics: Mike Hoffman (PC 4050)
Bylaws and Rules: Carol Van De Walle (PC 3119)

Special Committee Chairs

Finance Review: Cheri Creekmore (PC 4144)
Records Review: Charlotte Canaday (PC 3047)
Voter Registration: Karen
Redistricting: Nancy Palmer
Resolutions: Warrington Lee Austerman (PC 4198)
Executive Director: Gary Teal –
Primary Administrator: Lille Gough –
Immediate Past County Chairman: Cynthia Brehm