Alma Perez Jackson

Alma Perez Jackson has been active in the Republican Party for nearly 35 years and has served at many different levels within both the county and state organization.

Jackson began as a precinct chairman in Bexar County in 1987, and would serve in this role for the next 29 years. During this time, she was an active block walker, phone banker, and also served for more than a decade as an election judge.

Recognized for her leadership and her heart for training others, she ran the Bexar County Republican Party Precinct Organization Committee, helping recruiting new precinct chairmen and encouraging them to become more active in their communities. Most notably, Jackson has taught Naturalization classes to legal immigrants into this country. In this role, she was able to share her heart for core, conservative principles like personal responsibility, faith, and the importance of hard work… and how each are big factors in becoming successful American citizens.

On the state level, Jackson has served both as the State Republican Executive Committeewoman for SD 26, along with two years as the RPT Vice Chair. She is currently RPT’s Chairman of Engagement.

For her many efforts, Jackson was honored with the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Volunteer of the Year Award in 2013 for Senate District 26.