Freida Wright is an “adopted” Texan-born in the U.K., but settling in the Lone Star State with her husband and two children in 1971. From the moment of her arrival she became politically active, seeking to promote the values of the Republican Party and work to preserve the liberties she had come to cherish since moving to the United States.

In 1997, she was finally awarded her citizenship. She would spend the next 22 years serving as a precinct chair, as well as in many other party roles, including election judge, candidate recruitment committee member, County Ballot Board member, and much more.

Also in 1997, she joined the Alamo City Republican Women (ACRW). Quickly recognized for her fundraising and publicity skills, Wright was nominated for club president in 2000 and has served in that role ever since! Her vision was to continue to grow the club, and through her leadership, ACRW has consistently stayed as one of the largest clubs in Texas ever since.

Wright has the incredible distinction of meeting and volunteering for every major national politician who has passed through Texas on the campaign trail. She especially enjoyed greeting President George W. Bush when he arrived in San Antonio. Her son was in Iraq at the time and the last thing President Bush said to her was “You be sure to tell Curby I love him, and I am proud to be his Commander in Chief.”

In 2015, Wright was appointed to serve on the distinguished San Antonio Tricentennial Commission representing District 9, serving in that role until December of 2018.

Though Wright has been honored as one of TFRW’s Top Ten in 2017, her proudest political accomplishment remains being president of ACRW and helping to keep it the club to be the largest in South Texas (and always in the top 3 in the state.) She loves being President, interacting with club members, and welcoming newcomers into the political fold!