Petition Signing Party

Calling All Republicans!!!!!!!!!
Invites You to the Bexar County
Biennial Judicial Petition Signing Party
Sunday, September 19, 2021
Leon Valley Community Center
Noon to 8:00 PM 6427 Evers Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78238
Cost: Your Signature!!!

Please come and bring your friends and neighbors to join us for fun and fellowship with your fellow Republicans and to help our Candidates get on the ballot. Your free signature saves our candidates $$$ that can be used to defeat 2022 Election opponents.

Fun! Fellowship! And it’s FREE!

Dear Fellow Republicans:

Candidates for judicial offices in Bexar County must file a petition containing at least 250 signatures of qualified voters just to get on the ballot. Court of Appeals plus District and County Court judges must also pay a $2,500 filing fee. In addition, if they can get 500 more signatures, the filing fee can be waived. A filing fee of $2,500 versus 500 signatures makes each signature worth a $5.00 savings each! State Supreme Court and Texas Criminal Appeals Court candidates must obtain at least 50 signatures from each of the 14 judicial appeals districts across Texas.

Just attending the free party and signing candidates’ petitions would be the equivalent of making a significant campaign contribution, but it won’t cost you anything! You can truly help our candidates and enjoy a great party with your fellow Republicans as we gear up for the historic election year of 2022 with so many important offices on the ballot.

Please come to the party and bring all your Republican friends and neighbors. We need at least 750 people to come and sign the petitions. Because we know some of you prefer not to drive at night, come early so you can come by, sign up, enjoy the party, and still get home before the rush hour traffic clogs the roads. We’ll be in the Leon Valley Community Center from Noon until 8:00 PM so there is plenty of time for everyone to participate.

All of the candidates will have a table and you can just walk down the line and sign all of the petitions at once and then you won’t have to worry about keeping track of whose you have and haven’t signed. And then you’re done!

I look forward to seeing ALL of you on Sunday afternoon, September 19th.

John Austin, Bexar GOP County Chairman
PS: Your voter registration number is one of the items needed on the petition, so please remember to bring your voter card with your photo ID. Come anyway if you cannot find it.