Poll Watcher Classes for New and Experienced Volunteers


For 2020 Primary Elections

Poll watchers observe at voting locations to ensure that Election laws are being followed by the Election Workers.  The poll watcher looks for errors, oversights, and possible corruption or purposeful disobedience of election laws.  A poll watcher can observe the election process on behalf of a candidate, a political party, or the proponents or opponents of a measure.  The Republican Party of Bexar County will have training classes at the GOP Headquarters, 12000 Starcrest, suite 101.

Saturday, February 15, 10a.m.-1 p.m. – a refresher class for experienced poll watchers

Saturday, February 15, 2 p.m. –5 p.m. – a class for new poll watchers

*In order to be a poll watcher in Bexar County, you must be a registered  voter in Bexar County.

Please email Maria Groussman at mgroussman@gmail.com  or Charlene Vanderpoorten at ckvp999@gmail.com to ask questions, or to sign up for a poll watcher class.  RSVP’s for a training class are required.