Senate District 19 Special Election

On June 20, 2018, Governor Greg Abbott ordered a Special Election to be held on July 31st to fill the Senate District 19 seat vacated by former Senator, now felon, Carlos Uresti, after being convicted of 11 felonies and sentenced to 12 years in federal prison.  There are eight candidates comprised of three Republicans, one Libertarian, and four Democrats.

Please note:  There will be no Primary Election to determine which candidate will represent each political Party.  It is the policy of the Republican Party of Bexar County to maintain a neutral position among the Republican candidates.  Under the unusual circumstance of this Special Election, we simply encourage everyone to VOTE REPUBLICAN!

Run Off:  [TEC Sec. 2.025] Specifies a 50%+ majority vote is required for a win.  In the event no candidate receives 50%+ of the votes, a run off election will take place 70-75 days after the canvassing of the July 31st vote count.


Jesse (Jay) Alaniz

Peter P. (Pete) Flores

(512) 971-2665

Carlos Antonio Raymond
(210) 232-0666