Standing & Special Committee Interests

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– Plans, organizes, coordinates, and executes non-fundraising political events for the Republican Party’s candidates, including: petition signing, rallies, receptions, forums, canvasses, and Get Out the Vote (GOTV). (Continuous throughout year; peak workloads occur just before and during the events.)

– Identifies offices where Republicans can be elected or appointed; recruits and encourages the best prospects to run as Republican candidates; and serves in advisory capacity to nominees of the Party. (Workload occurs about a year before election is held; flexible hours.)

– Prepares annual budget and reallocates funds within approved budget as needed. (Continuous throughout year; peak workloads occur just before and during the events.)

– Recruits, trains and schedules volunteers for duties at Party Headquarters, campaigns or wherever needed. (Continuous throughout the year; peak workloads will occur in conjunction with elections.)

– Recruits and trains people to fill precinct vacancies; assists precinct leaders in their neighborhoods. (Continuous throughout the year; peak workload is before the Primary Election filing period.)

– Coordinates all public and media relations including digital media and press releases; and assists with Party communications including newsletters, website updates and social media. (Ongoing throughout the year; workload peaks during campaigns and before elections.)

– Identifies, manages and maintains all Party’s Internet platforms and assets, including ISPs, URL registrations, social media accounts, electronic mailing services, etc.; manages accounts’ security; recommends hardware, firmware and software upgrades or changes; and assists in solving computer problems. (Ongoing throughout the year. Hours are somewhat flexible.)

– Collects, models, and disseminates statistical analyses of election data for benefit of the Party, campaigns, committees and precinct chairs. (Continuous throughout the year, but the peak workload occurs following the elections.)

– Prepares document to be adopted at Biennial Organizational Meeting; and reviews changes in RPT rules and Federal/State statutes that may require amendment to the adopted Bylaws for consideration by the County Chair and Executive Committee.

– Reviews Party’s financial records following the fiscal end-of-year closure of the books.

– Reviews materials stored or filed at Headquarters for purpose of recommending to County Chair their safekeeping or disposition.

– Conducts voter registration projects across Bexar County to expand the mission of the Party to as many neighborhoods as possible. (Peak occurs during June-Sept. before November elections; flexible hours; may entail both walking door-to-door, phoning, or manning booths in targeted areas.)

– Recruits and trains Election Judges and Clerks; and coordinates with Bexar County Elections their training and appointments. (Continuous processes throughout the year, but peak workloads occur before two-year term appointments.)

– Recruits and trains watchers to ensure integrity of all elections. (Brief training prior to elections; heavy time requirement on Election Day.)