Bexar Victory Fund

In order to keep the Party strong, growing, and electing Republicans to local office, the Republican Party of Bexar County relies solely on donations from local citizens.   These contributions will enable the Party operations to remain up and running and preparing to win the next election.  
Your donation contributes to our success!

Bexar GOP Benefactors

The Bexar GOP Benefactors provide financial and intellectual support of true patriots that believe in the GOP mission. Contributions fuel our concerted efforts to elect Republicans in Bexar County and to support the mission and position statements of the Republican Party of Bexar County.


Join The Elephant Stampede!

Funds raised in Bexar County, Stay in Bexar County. Bexar County is Ground Zero in the battle against Leftist Progressive Liberal Democrats.

We have a plan, join us in the Battle.


Your Generosity is Crucial in Making Bexar County R.E.D.

What your donation goes towards:

  • Recruit Qualified Candidates
  • Recruit Election Volunteers
  • Help Voters
  • Plan Community Programs
  • Engage in Social Media Platforms