Become a Precinct Chair

Would you like to be a Precinct Chairman?

Your number one job as a Precinct Chairman is to maximize the Republican vote in your precinct. You do this by:

  • Getting People in Your Precinct Involved
  • Identifying Voters
  • Registering Republican Voters
  • Informing Voters
  • Turning Out Our Voters

As a Precinct Chairman you can organize your precinct, help with elections, go to conventions, become a member of the County Executive Committee, and did we mention – have a lot of fun!

A Precinct Chairman is the central manager for the smallest unit in the Republican Party. As the only elected party official in the precinct, you have roles and responsibilities in, and to, the Republican Party. You also get to meet a lot of people!

Sign up today to help elect our Republican candidates.

For more information about becoming a precinct chair, please call RPBC at 210-824-9445.

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