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Sources of Information for Non-Federal Candidates:

Appointment of your Treasurer

Campaign Finance Guides and FAQs

State Statutes for Candidates

Guides for Federal Candidates

Are you ready to serve? Do you have a history of community service, a reputable business acumen, a good, clean background, and proven support for Republican principles? Then you just might have the Right Stuff to win an election. We urge you to consider running and we are willing to assist you. 

Committing to running a well-organized campaign and adopting a winning strategy can be intimidating even if you have previously run. One key step is to get involved in the Bexar GOP, demonstrate proven leadership skills and begin to build a community of like-minded Republicans. Fellow Republicans can encourage you and help your campaign. Former candidates can also offer support and guidance. Whether you win our lose – running a campaign, building a coalition, and committing to the process can be a rewarding and life-changing experience. 

During the Republican Primary, the Bexar GOP will not take sides in contested races and will offer support to all candidates in an equitable and fair manner. We encourage Republicans who support our principles to file — especially in races where there is currently no Republican running. Bexar GOP will only endorse candidates in certain local, non-partisan races. If you win the Republican Primary, you become our nominee, and you’ll have our full support!

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    The filing period for the 2022 Republican Primary is now concluded.
    Please contact us for information on upcoming elections.