• Show us your candidate preferences straw poll
  • Endorsement

    Endorsement represents the view of Chairman McManus.

    Not approved by Republican Party of Bexar County Executive Committee, Management Committee or all Party Officers.

  • SD 26 Convention Information & Planning Session

    Planning session for the SD 26 Convention Tuesday, February 13.

    Time: 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

    Location: Bexar GOP Headquarters.

  • Calendar Correction
  • November 9, 2023 CEC Meeting Documents Available – Updated 2023-11-09
  • Ballot Drawing

    The Ballot drawing for the 2024 Primary Candidates will be held on December 21, 2023. Location: TBD. More info to come regarding times.

  • The 14 Amendments on the November 7, 2023, Texas Constitutional Amendment Ballot.
  • Precinct Chair Applications are being accepted.

    We are accepting Precinct Chair applications during office hours, M – F 10a – 5pm. If the application needs to be notarized, a notary will be available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2p – 5p. Completed applications can also me emailed to See more and download application

  • 9/12/2023 CEC Meeting Documents – updated on 9/11/2023
  • Texas GOP Legislative Priorities Report for 6.2.23
  • Pastor John Hagee Rises Against Prop A
  • Management Committee Meeting (13-Feb-23 ) Summary

    Presented by the Management Committee
    Approved for distribution by Chairman McManus

    Re: Transparency A summary of the minutes reported by the chairman, will be posted on the website, and sent to precinct chairs informing them of Management Committee actions.

    Re: Financial Accountability
    An appeal will be made to RPBC Executive Committee members at the RPBC Executive Committee meeting to sign up and make recurring donations to the RPBC to cover Fixed Costs. These recurring donations will be earmarked to cover RPBC Fixed Costs and may be made on a monthly recurring basis or annually.

    Re: Standing Committee Reports Standing Committees are requested to submit, based on meeting frequency but at least bi-monthly, written reports of their activities to the Chairman and the Management Committee per the bylaws.

    Re: Bylaws
    The Management Committee reviewed a resolution to amend the Bylaws and recommends presenting it to the Executive Committee at the next CEC meeting. Bylaw Resolution recommendation to strike Article III, Section 10, Paragraph A from the RPBC Bylaws and substituting Article III, Section 10, Paragraphs B and C as the new Paragraphs A and B. This resolution will be presented to the Executive Committee during the next CEC meeting.

    Re: 2024 State Convention Committee
    A discussion to establish a special committee for the 2024 Texas Republican State Convention Committee to start the planning process for the event to be held in San Antonio. Vice Chair Chris Fails volunteered to spearhead the committee and welcomes input and participation from the membership.

Endorsement Press Releases

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Bexar GOP Chair Condemns Efforts to Keep Trump Off State Ballots

For Immediate Release – Bexar GOP Chair Condemns Efforts to Keep Trump Off State Ballots

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Chairman Calls Against TOP


Killer of 6 Was Bailed Out by Democrat-Supporting Group

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Republican Party of Bexar County passes resolution regarding City of San Antonio Housing of Illegal Aliens

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 18, 2022 For additional information: Jeff McManus: (210) 824-9445 The County Executive Committee (CEC) of the Republican Party of Bexar County passed a resolution at its meeting Tuesday, October 18th, requesting that the City of San Antonio end its lease of the “Migrant Resource Center” which is temporarily housing, and […]

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Press Releases

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Arrest of Raquel Rodriguez for Voter Fraud Charges

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Republican Party of Bexar County January 14, 2021 Arrest of Raquel Rodriguez for Voter Fraud charges The Republican Party of Bexar County applauds the arrest of local resident, Raquel Rodriguez, yesterday under charges of voter fraud and supports the efforts to investigate and end voter fraud in Bexar County. (San Antonio, Texas/Bexar […]

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Republican Party of Bexar County joins Governor Abbott’s call to investigate Freeman Coliseum requesting a walk-through with Republican officials and imploring the Biden Administration to secure the border.

12000 Starcrest Drive, Suite #101, San Antonio, Texas 78247  (210) 824-9445 For Immediate Release:  San Antonio, Texas, April 15, 2021: The Republican Party of Bexar (RPBC) joins the voices across the state to raise the alarm over the catastrophe taking place along the border, throughout south Texas and right here in our own county. We […]

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