Making A Difference Together

The Republican Party of Bexar County needs you and believes you can make a difference by offering your unique skills and talents to helping us elect Republicans in Bexar County.

We need qualified and committed volunteers who share our vision and conservative values. Our volunteers may work on special projects, on a regular weekly schedule, or with special events.

For more information about volunteering, please call RPBC at 210-824-9445.


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    I will help with the following committees (choose all that apply):

    [checkbox campaign-activites-committee "Campaign Activites Committee (Events for Candidates, Rallies, Receptions, Get Out the Vote, Dressing the Polls, Canvassing)|Campaign Activites Committee"

    [checkbox candidate-recruitment-committee "Candidate Recruitment & Appointment Committee (Advising, Recruiting, Assistance)|Candidate Recruitment Committee"]

    Budget Committee (Budget, Fund Allocation)

    Volunteer Coordination Committee (Recruit and Match Volunteers to Areas of Expertise)

    Precinct Organization Committee (Train and Recruit Precinct Chairs)

    Communications Committee (Public Relations, Website, Social Media, Texting, Newsletter, Press Releases, Content Creation)

    Technology Committee (Maintaining Internet, Account Security, Office Technology)

    Data Analytics Committee (Collecting, Analyzing, and Disseminating Analysis of Election Data, Party Data, etc.)

    Bylaws and Rules Committee (Review RPT Rules, Prepare Bylaws and Standing Rules to be Adopted)

    Election Integrity Committee (Oversee Elections, Recruit Election Judges, Clerks, Poll Watchers, Validate Voting Irregularities)

    Community Outreach Committee (Special Event Planning, Build Coalitions, Develop Education Outreach, Plan Coalition Events, Outreach Engagement)

    I will help with the following non-committee work (choose all that apply):

    Bexar GOP Office (Maintenance Work, Office Work, Contact Candidates, Inventory)

    CEC Meeting Help (Prepare Badges, Work Sign In, Help in Kitchen)

    Voter Registration (Train to Sign Up New Voters and Contact Those Who Relocated Here)

    Precinct Chair (Grassroot Representative of the Repubican Party in your voting precinct, Get Out the Vote in Your Precinct)

    Campaign Worker (Block Walking, Phone Banking or other campaign activites for individual campaigns)

    Election Official (Election Judge or Clerk)

    Volunteer From Home (Special Research, Mailing Campaigns, Phone Calls)

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