Becoming a voter registrar in Bexar County is fast, free, and does not confer any obligation. 
But it does mean if you meet a new neighbor or know someone turning 18 that you may register them to vote. 

All voter registrar certifications expire on December 31st of even numbered years (2020, 2022…) 

So registrars must renew their certifications to be able to continue registering voters. You may only register voters in the county (or counties) where you are certified. All it takes is one short training and test to show you will follow the law when registering voters. 

There are currently 2 options to become a Voter Registrar in Bexar County:

Zoom Training provided by Bexar Elections

Zoom training is provided every Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM, and at 6:00 PM the second Tuesday of each month.

You must register in advance using a valid email address, and the class is limited to 25 participants.

Upon completion of the Zoom training, you must pick up your certificate of appointment, VDR packet, and take the VDR oath at the Bexar Elections Office by Friday of that same week, before 5:00 PM.Bexar Elections is located downtown at 1103 S Frio St Unit 100, San Antonio, TX 78207.

Online Training by the Texas Secretary of State

First, review the online training presentation to become familiar with the duties and rules for registering voters

Second, take the twenty question volunteer deputy registrar exam online and print it out (or you may use a computer at Bexar Elections to take the exam)

Bring your test into Bexar Elections, 1103 S Frio St Unit 100, San Antonio, TX 78207, any day Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM to be graded and receive your voter registrar packet and certificate.

If you are currently a deputy voter registrar in another county in Texas, you may bring that certificate in to the Bexar Elections office, showing that you have received the necessary training, and they can honor it and provide you with a certificate and registrar number to register voters in Bexar County.

Finally, if you do become a Deputy Voter Registrar, congratulations and thank you!  Please do notify us at the Republican Party of Bexar County office,, that you have become a registrar.