The Republican Party of Bexar County’s (Bexar GOP) mission and purpose is to: recruit, train, and work to elect Republican candidates and to promote Republican positions and legislative priorities within Bexar County.  

The County Chairman and Precinct Chairmen are elected by popular vote at the Primary Election held in March of each even-numbered year. Together, they comprise the County Executive Committee (CEC). The Bexar GOP organizes and runs the Republican Primary every two years.

The Bexar GOP is dedicated to the highest ideals of the Conservative and pro American ideals of the Republican Party and works to educate and train voters on the Bexar GOP’s position statements and the RPT platform (voted on at the State Convention) and Legislative Priorities (voted on by the SREC as priorities during the Legislative Session). 

The purpose of the Executive Committee (CEC) is to promote Republican Principles and to elect Republican candidates and to promote the positions of the Party. In addition, the Executive Committee manages the affairs of the Republican Party of Bexar County (herein known as the Party)

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