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For Immediate Release

March 22, 2022

Republican Party of Bexar County Chairman, John Austin, announced a program to be held at party headquarters on Wednesday evening, March 23. Activist Amy Hedtke, who has opposed bonds throughout Texas, will deliver a presentation on why voters should oppose both the 1.2- billion-dollar city bond and the $992,000,000 Northside ISD bond.

In addition to the two constitutional amendments on the May 7 ballot, Bexar County will have several local city council and school board elections, as well as voting on large bonds. Chairman John Austin said, “As I have told the media already, I’m voting against these bonds and asking my friends and supporters to do the same. This is a bad time for many families, and local government may have to scale back some plans until the economy improves.”

Austin continued, “Prominent proponents of the bond, like our mayor, won’t tell voters that existing debt, according to the state Comptroller, is over $6000 for every resident of the county – much higher than Harris County and our per capita income in Bexar is about $25,000 a year.

Dallas and Fort Worth have half this much debt per capita, and the only city that has a comparable level of debt is Austin, where per capita income is over $40,000 a year.”

As Bexar GOP Chairman I have the legal responsibility to conduct a Primary Election so Republican voters can select our nominees. And I encourage our voters to participate and affect the outcome of those measures on the May 7 ballot,” said Austin. “I’m speaking out against the bonds just as we did against Proposition B last year. Fighting these bond issues, fighting Proposition B and hosting the property tax training last year are not typical Party business, but they are issues that most Republicans can unite around.”


Easy to Vote, Hard to Cheat: A look at Mail-in Ballots

When any government makes a change, there is often good news and bad news.

That adage applies to the new Texas Election Integrity law which went into effect on December 2, 2021,* which has added several complications to the mail ballot application process this year.

First, the good news, the tagline for this law was: “easy to vote and hard to cheat.” In order to get to the “hard to cheat” part, there are some challenges along the way.

The first is to ensure that all registered voters have two documents on file at their county elections office: either their state-issued driver’s license number or personal ID number AND the last four digits of their social security number.

In our very mobile society – which means updating your voter registration when you move – many voters already have checked off that box and are compliant with this new law.

However, for seniors who are 65 years or older and have not moved in more than 20 years, voting by mail may present a challenge this year. Once Elections has this extra information, it will be easy to vote by mail like in previous years. However, changes in this new law will force Elections to reject your mail ballot request if this information is not on file with their office.

The deadline to request mail ballots is February 18, so there is plenty of time. However, because these extra steps add additional processing time this year, don’t wait until the last day.

Take care of this as soon as possible by following the directions here exactly as written, and it should be an easy process.

There are two scenarios here – voters who can print forms at home and voters who need to request forms from the Bexar County Elections Department.

Option 1: If you can print forms, download the mail ballot application at Bexar County Elections HERE and a voter registration application from the state HERE. Complete BOTH forms and send both forms to Bexar County Elections, 1103 S. Frio, Suite 100, San Antonio, TX 78207.

Option 2: If you cannot print forms, you can request them from the Bexar County Elections Office. Either call 210-335-8683 or fax 210-335-0371 with your request. They will provide you with both forms.

Once Elections has mailed both forms to you, and you have received the forms, follow the directions for Option 1 and mail the two forms back to Bexar County Elections.

Before mailing to the Bexar County Elections Office, three things to double-check before dropping your mail ballot request envelope in the mail:

1.     Be sure to provide Elections with your phone number and email (so if there are any questions), they will be able to contact you and save valuable processing time.

2.    Make sure BOTH the mail ballot request form AND voter registration form are sent in the SAME envelope.

3.    On your mail ballot form, make sure you request GOP primary AND GOP primary run-off.

Remember if you only send a mail ballot request to the Elections Office and they do not have your driver’s license or personal ID number AND the last four digits of your social security number in their file, they must reject your mail ballot request, send you new forms, and you will have to fill the forms out again and re-send to the Elections Office.

This year: remember to always include your phone number AND email with all correspondence.

*If the Democrats had not abandoned their legislative duties last year, this law would have gone into effect sooner last fall, and everyone would have had more time to adjust to the new requirements regarding mail ballot applications in the new Election Integrity law.


Republican Party of Bexar County

January 14, 2021

Arrest of Raquel Rodriguez for Voter Fraud charges

The Republican Party of Bexar County applauds the arrest of local resident, Raquel Rodriguez, yesterday under charges of voter fraud and supports the efforts to investigate and end voter fraud in Bexar County.

(San Antonio, Texas/Bexar County-January 14, 2021) Campaign worker and paid political consultant, Raquel Rodriguez of Bexar, County, was arrested by the State of Texas after an undercover video exposed her participation in a scheme to defraud official ballots and harvest votes, and illegally influence senior voters. Rodriguez is self-described as a “ballot chaser” and admitted on video released by Project Veritas to ballot harvesting and ‘getting the vote out for Biden’.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Wednesday by press release,” the arrest of Rachel Rodriguez for election fraud, illegal voting, unlawfully assisting people voting by mail, and unlawfully possessing an official ballot,” and continued by stating, each charge constitutes a felony under the Texas Election Code.”

According to the release, The Election Fraud Division of the Office of the Attorney General reviewed dozens of hours of unedited, raw footage released by Project Veritas in October which led to the arrest. Rodriguez acknowledged on video that what she was doing is illegal and that she could go to jail for it. Rodriguez could face up to 20 years in prison, if convicted.

“Many continue to claim that there’s no such thing as election fraud. We’ve always known that such a claim is false and misleading, and today we have additional hard evidence. This is a victory for election integrity and a strong signal that anyone who attempts to defraud the people of Texas, deprive them of their vote, or undermine the integrity of elections will be brought to justice,” said Attorney General Paxton. “The shocking and blatantly illegal action documented by Project Veritas demonstrates a form of election fraud my office continually investigates and prosecutes. I am fiercely committed to ensuring the voting process is secure and fair throughout the state, and my office is prepared to assist any Texas county in combating this insidious, un-American form of fraud.”

“Our party has fought hard to ensure the integrity of each and every legal vote in Bexar County and we await the results of any further investigation and for justice to be served,” stated John Austin, Chairman of the Republican Party of Bexar County (RPBC), “we stand for fair and accurate elections and applaud any and all efforts to end voter fraud and irregularities and will work tirelessly to assure that every voter has access to a fair and free election without fraud or intimidation.” Austin stated that the local party believes there is more information that will surface and others may be implicated in this fraud scheme and we look forward to all fraud being exposed and all persons facing justice Austin continued, stating, “A free and fair election is vital to the health of our Republic and to the rule of one person, one vote.”

During the 2020 Presidential election, the RPBC trained and coordinated hundreds of poll watchers and dispatched them to polling locations all over the county to ensure that voting was fair, safe and legally conducted according to the Texas Election code and the Bexar County elections office. Austin stated, “We have been concerned about voting irregularities for some time and we are working tirelessly to ensure that voting in our jurisdiction is conducted according to the Election code and followed meticulously.” He continued to say that voting is a right for all legal citizens and should never be infringed and that the county, state and national Republican party is committed to protecting the integrity of the vote and the rights of the voter. “The Republican party has always stood for the rights of the voter as our party history reflects and we always will. We are the party of voting integrity.”

The purpose of the Republican Party of Bexar County is the election and support of the Republican candidates and officials in Bexar, County and the promotion of the principles of the Republican Party.

John Austin,

Chairman, Republican Party of Texas


Deana Abiassi

Volunteer, Communications chair

(210) 385-1715

Republican Party of Bexar County joins Governor Abbott’s call to investigate Freeman Coliseum requesting a walk-through with Republican officials and imploring the Biden Administration to secure the border.

12000 Starcrest Drive, Suite #101, San Antonio, Texas 78247 

(210) 824-9445

For Immediate Release: 

San Antonio, Texas, April 15, 2021: The Republican Party of Bexar (RPBC) joins the voices across the state to raise the alarm over the catastrophe taking place along the border, throughout south Texas and right here in our own county. We are calling for a full investigation and a walk-through of the facility with full access to the officials in charge alongside Republican elected officials.  We reject the politicization of this humanitarian and security crisis. We support the Texas Department of Public Safety’s investigation into the alleged abuses here in our own Freeman Coliseum. We unequivocally call for the Biden Administration to shut down the facility at Freeman Coliseum to protect the safety of the unaccompanied minors, and we implore the President and Congress swiftly address the securing of our national border to mitigate the ongoing and unprecedented humanitarian crisis that is taking place there.

What is happening right now at our nation’s southern border is both a travesty of justice and a humanitarian tragedy beyond all comprehension. While politicians in Washington debate the use of the word “crisis” to describe the ongoing situation, Texans understand that what is happening now has risen to the unprecedented level of human tragedy bringing safety and public health concerns. In March of this year alone, more than 171,000 illegal immigrants were encountered at our southwest border. This number represents a more than 400% increase over this time last year. This is the highest monthly total seen in 21 years, and, these were only the people encountered. Countless more stream across every single day, threatening the peace and the property of citizens and draining local law enforcement resources—putting the lives of Texans in jeopardy every day. This catastrophe has already spread away from the border, with “bailouts, high-speed car chases, and property crime on the rise throughout small communities surrounding San Antonio and south Texas.

Specifically troubling are reports of abuse and neglect within the Freeman Coliseum federal holding facility that have thrust San Antonio into the national spotlight. The Coliseum is just one of several “temporary” shelters run by federal officials where unaccompanied children are being thrown together by the thousands across the state, often with inadequate supervision and resources. Allegations of child abuse, lack of food, and the failure to separate Covid-positive children have all been reported to both the Texas Health & Human Services Commission and the Department of Family and Protective Services. These allegations are currently under investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Yet, in a despicable effort to politicize children for their own gain, some politicians and people within our own county have called this “fake news”; therefore, increasing the need for a complete walk-through and investigation.

As the fourth largest county in Texas and 17th largest in the nation, Bexar County has long been known as a hub of diversity, tradition, and innovation. In our communities, multiple cultures have lived, worked, and worshiped side by side for centuries. We come together as one with pride in being Military City, USA, and with pride in being Americans. It is for this very reason that so many in Bexar County are outraged in the abject failure of the Biden Administration’s border policy, and Congress’ flagrant disregard of our national security and our laws.

This is beyond a partisan issue. Therefore, I support Governor Abbott in conducting a full and transparent investigation. For the reasons stated above, I am calling for a walkthrough and conference with Republican elected officials at the Freeman Coliseum with the officials in charge of the Freeman Coliseum.

For additional comments, please contact John Austin, Chairman, Republican Party of Bexar County John Austin, (210) 824-9445 –