Republican Party of Bexar County passes resolution regarding City of San Antonio Housing of Illegal Aliens

October 18, 2022
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The County Executive Committee (CEC) of the Republican Party of Bexar County passed a resolution at its meeting Tuesday, October 18th, requesting that the City of San Antonio end its lease of the “Migrant Resource Center” which is temporarily housing, and feeding illegal aliens then dumping them out into the streets of San Antonio. The motion read:

“We, the Republican Party of Bexar County, request that the City of San Antonio end the lease agreement on the “Migrant Resource Center” and no longer allow our city to be used as an illegal alien transit hub for the Biden Administration to distribute illegal immigrants into the interior of our country, as this process creates a danger to the residents of Bexar County and their property.”

The illegal alien transit hub resides in District 1 which is Councilman Mario Bravo’s district, and the building is currently owned by KEM Texas LTD. Principal owners are Paul and Kevin Covey. The City of San Antonio approved a 10-year lease between San Antonio and KEM Texas for a base rate $81,819 per month with an estimated additional rent of $31,063 all paid to KEM Texas. The motion to lease the facility was made by Councilman Rocha Garcia and seconded by Councilman Castillo. This lease has obligated the taxpayers for expenses for a period of 10 years whether used or vacant.

Members of the CEC for the Republican Party of Bexar County stated concerns for property damage, lawlessness, additional homelessness, health due to human waste, safety, and costs as reasons for the resolution.

“We have a duty to all residents of San Antonio to educate our voters in what actions are taken by elected officials, encourage fiscal responsibility, and warn the citizens of how their elected officials ignore the need to provide absolute safety,” stated Jeff McManus, chairman of the RPBC. “The illegal alien problems are a direct result of the Biden administration’s open-door policies. There is no dignity in creating such chaos.”