When Will The Madness End?

Republican Party of Bexar County
August 9, 2022

When will the madness ever end? The fascist Democrats have proven once again that they are willing to go to any lengths to stop Republicans from winning in November, as well as stop Donald Trump from winning in 2024 should he choose to run. They are hell bent on the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH. IT’S TIME FOR ACTION.

By weaponizing the FBI & DOJ in order to persecute President Trump in the most shameless fashion, they have shown us their intentions – prevent Republicans from winning at all costs, evidence be damned.

Bexar County Republicans stand by President Donald J. Trump as well as ALL our dedicated, qualified, and passionate candidates running in November (& beyond). These shenanigans will not deter ANY Republican from voting in November and taking back our Country. It will neither deter any American from voting for Donald J. Trump in 2024, again – if he so chooses to run.

No matter what they try, they will fail. We see clearly who the guilty party is for massive inflation, extremely high gas prices, and out of control grocery bills – and that party must be ousted in November. Sorry Democrats, but your smoke and mirrors no longer work, prepare to receive your pink slip soon.

Fellow Bexar County Republicans, I call on you today to do what you can, go the extra mile, and fight the good fight for our own Republicans right here in your backyard. Help us get Republicans elected by volunteering and spreading the word; let’s bring back a bit of sanity to our own out of touch County.

These Democrats are fanatics. They are the most dangerous humans throughout history no matter what flag they fly or what name they hide behind. They care not for the sanctity of human life, individual rights, national boundaries, religious freedom, or family unity. These are Godless people.

We are watching…We are working…The red wave is coming.

Jeffrey R. McManus
Republican Party Chairman of Bexar County